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Tour Our Factory

Askinosie Chocolate Tour

“One of 7 Great Chocolate Factory Tours”
USA Today

Tour Our Factory

Our award-winning chocolate tastes even better once you’ve visited our factory on Commercial Street in Springfield, MO. We love to welcome visitors from near and far to learn all about how and why we make chocolate and of course nibble on some samples along the way. Our tours offer a behind-the-scenes look into the details of what it takes to craft exceptional chocolate, enjoyed by fans across the globe. Our doors are open to you for public tours every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.

Our informative tour will take you around the factory, allowing you a peek inside the secretive world of chocolate-making. We’ll provide a concise education on how we make our bean-to-bar chocolate, including our ingredients and the type of equipment utilized. We’ll also discuss our Direct Trade practices, our community involvement, Chocolate University, and even delve deep into each of our origins. And don’t fret, because we provide plenty of tasty samples of our chocolate at various stages of our process throughout the tour. Tours last approximately 45 minutes and you are welcome to stay and shop at your leisure, with your 10% tour discount.

Tickets cost $5.00 for adults and $4.00 for children and students. Keep in mind that when you pay for your tour you are supporting Chocolate University—100% of your ticket price supports Chocolate University.

Earth Day Tour-- Saturday 4/20

Join us on Saturday 4/20 at 1:00 p.m. for a special Earth Day factory tour! We care a lot about this big, beautiful planet and this tour will be focused on sustainability in the cocoa industry and what environmentally-friendly practices we implement in our business. Come eat some chocolate, learn how we make it from bean to bar, and celebrate mother earth. 

Schedule a Tour

Want to learn even more? Have a large group? Consider a Private Tour!

We can create a unique chocolate experience for you and your private group. We’re not shy about the fact that our factory is a pretty sweet spot to bring almost anyone whether it’s your book club, your class, your friends, your out-of-town family, we do it all. We can talk to you about your needs and design a chocolate-focused event that includes our basic tour plus other optional add-ons. Want to deep dive into pairings? Desire to learn more about a specific origin? Let us know and we can structure your tour around your needs and interests. Email us to discuss options.

Things We Want You to Know About Tours:

  • We prefer no children under 5 years of age (it’s a factory); in the event that is not possible, they must on a hip or in a stroller at all times.
  • We have strong magnets in our factory, which could affect a pacemaker, defibrillator, etc.
  • Maximum tour capacity is 35 people.
  • A 10% tour discount is valid in-store only on the day of your tour.
  • Open-toe shoes are not permitted.