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In The News


In The News

May 2016

Forbes thumbnail


Second Acts: Why Shawn Askinosie Dumped His Law Career To Make Chocolate

April 2016

Cup of Jo thumbnail

Cup of Jo

Food Experts Share Their Biggest Lessons 

February 2017

Goop thumbnail


The Good-for-You Chocolate Guide



Bloomberg thumbnail


Little Chocolate's Big Moment

January 2017

ZAGAT thumbnail


8 Top Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers

December 2016

Vanity Fair thumbnail

Vanity Fair

Holiday Gift Guide

September 2016


Paper thumbnail


1,000 Beautiful People: Food Mavericks


Better Homes & Gardens thumbnail

Better Homes & Gardens

The Style Files


August 2016

Fortune thumbnail


When Lawyers Ditch Corp. Life for Choc and Beef Jerky

Food Republic thumbnail

Food Republic

Confectioner: Askinosie Chocolate



Feast thumbnail

Feast Magazine

Feast 50 Awards: Best Chocolatier


July 2016

Grub Street thumbnail

Grub Street 

The Neurotic Eater's Grocery List



May 2016

Missourian thumbnail

Columbia Missourian

Honorary Degree Recipient Tells Graduates to Find Their Vocation


March 2016

Cool Hunting thumbnail

Cool Hunting

Askinosie Whiskey Dark Chocolate


February 2016

Refinery29 thumbnail


Valentine's Gifts That Will Save You From A Cheap Box of Chocolates



NPR thumbnail


For A Misosuri Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker, It's Not Just About the Candy



Eater thumbnail


What It Really Takes to Make Artisan Chocolate


Sprudge thumbnail


7 Sensual Coffee Chocolates for Valentine's Day

American Express thumbnail


American Express

 Beyond the Farmer's Market: How Artisanal Companies Scale


January 2016

Forbes thumbnail


One of the 25 Best Small Companies In America

Cool Hunting thumbnail


Cool Hunting

Featuring Our Chocolate Covered Malt Balls



December 2015

cup of jo thumbnail

Cup of Jo

2015 Gift Guide


USA Today thumbnail

USA Today

No Golden Ticket Needed: Chocolate Factory Tours Around the USA



Real Simple thumbnail

Real Simple

6 Stocking Stuffer Foodies Will Love


Cooking Light thumbnail

Cooking Light

Good Food: Askinosie 70% Nibble Bar

Tasting Table thumbnail


Tasting Table

Holiday Pantry


November 2015

BA thumbnail

Bon Appetit

The Bon Appetit 2015 Gift Guide


Oprah thumbnail


Dingo Cookies Recipe

GFA thumbnail


Good Food Awards

2016 Finalists




October 2015

A Beautiful Mess thumbnail

A Beautiful Mess

Pumpkin Thumbprint Cookies


USA Today thumbnail

USA Today

10 Best: Sweets From Chocolate Obessed Cartoonist Sandra Boynton


September 2015

ICA thumbnail

International Chocolate Awards

2014 World Winners Feature



August 2015

Camille Styles thumbnail

Camille Styles

Dark Chocolate & Coffee Ice Cream


Tasting Table thumbnail

Tasting Table

Bar Hopping: Why You Should Eat More Chocolate Bars This Summer


Gothamist thumbnail


A Guide to Craft Chocolate and Where to Find it in NYC




Sprudge thumbnail


High Fashion Coffee in Harajuku at the Cup





Chocolate Noise

Best of the Midwest-- Best Chocolatier 



American Express

American Express

How To Maintain Brand Authenticity As You Grow Your Business




July 2015

The Atlantic thumbnail

The Atlantic

Breakfast with Zeke Emanuel


Washington Post thumbnail

The Washington Post

Breakfast Isn't A Sport. Zeke, One of the Brothers Emmanuel, Would Beg To Differ 




Chocolate Noise

Chocolate Noise

Askinosie: It's Not About the Chocolate, It's About the Chocolate 

May 2015

A Beautiful Mess thumbnail

A Beautiful Mess

What to Keep Stocked for Quick and Easy Parties


Allure Mag thumbnail


Blake Lively shows Askinosie Chocolate some social media love


April 2015

the kitchn

The Kitchn

Chocolate-Maker Shawn Askinosie Explains His Idea of Success


Travel + Leisure thumbnail

Travel and Leisure

Go Ahead, Plan Your Entire Trip Around Chocolate


Seth Godin Blog thumbnail

Seth Godin




March 2015

News Leader thumbnail

Springfield News Leader

MU Alumni, Shawn Askinosie credits college with providing him foundation to make his dream of helping people a reality


Wall Street Journal thumbnail

Wall Street Journal

Why Small Cities Are the Best Places to Eat in America


February 2015

NYT thumbnail

The New York Times

Chocolate Gifts for Valentine's Day


Food & Wine thumbnail

Food & Wine

Chocolate Tasting Notes: How to ID Your New Favorite Chocolate Bar Based on Its Origin


USA Today thumbnail

USA Today

Made in the Ozarks: 40 original flavors of the region



PASTE thumbnail

PASTE Magazine

7 Out-of-the-Box Valentine's Day Chocolates


Real Simple thumbnail

Real Simple

6 Valentine's Day Gifts for Food Lovers


Tasting Table thumbnail

Tasting Table

The Best Chocolates for Every Valentine


ZAGAT thumbnail


10 Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Desserts You Need to Try


RR thumbnail

Ruth Reichl, former NYT and LA Times restaurant critic and 6-time James Beard Award Winner

Random Notes from LA


Target thumbnail


Target’s 2015 Expanded Made to Matter Collection is a Wellness Win




January 2015

Ruth Reichl thumbnail

Ruth Reichl, former NYT and LA Times restaurant critic and 6-time James Beard Award Winner
What I Discovered at the Good Food Marketplace


National Geographic thumbnail

National Geographic- The Plate

Resolutions for 2015: Buy the Change You Want to See in the World


December 2014

bon appetit thumbnail

bon appetit

December Gift Guide


Feast thumbnail


How Shawn Askinosie is Making Springfield's Askinosie Chocolate a National Player


November 2014

GQ thumbnail


50 Best Things to Eat and Drink Right Now



Beautiful Mess thumbnail

Beautiful Mess

Flourless Chocolate Cake


Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor

A Chocolate Factory with a Higher Purpose


Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Check Out Shawn Askinosie's Contributing Blog Posts to Huffington Post


October 2014

The Guardian

The Guardian

The Craft Coffee Trend: It's Pricey, But Farmers Aren't Getting Rich



This Chocolate Bar Belongs in the Museum of Modern (Edible) Art!


September 2014



Askinosie Chocolate's Chocolate University


July 2014



Lawren Askinosie Live Appearance on MSBNC News Nation feat. Askinosie Chocolate


June 2014

Markets of NY

Markets of New York City 

Askinosie Chocolate: Bringing The World Together One Bean At A Time





Ice Cream Social: Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams


March 2014



Move Over Nutella- Nine Alternative Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads


April 2014

La Petraia

La Petraia

Raising the Bar- Shawn Askinosie and His Chocolate


February 2014

American Express

American Express OPEN Forum

Choices: 'Why I Share My Profits With My Suppliers'





USA Today

USA Today

Seven Great Chocolate Factory Tours Worth Taking



USA Today

USA Today

Valentine's Surprise: Unexpected Chocolate Destinations




USA Today

USA Today

The Emerging World of Small Batch Chocolate



January 2014 thumbnail


Social Justice, Localism, And Chutney: A Closer Look At The Good Food Awards thumbnail

Paper Magazine

the sweet spot: From Missouri to Tanzania in Search of Chocolate

2014 Good Food Award winners announced




December 2013

Bon Apetit thumbnail

Bon Appetit

Gift Ideas for Sweet Lovers



MSN thumbnail


Ready, Set, Shop



In Style thumbnail


Holiday Gift Guide 2013



Wall Street Journal thumbnail

Wall Street Journal

White Chocolate, a Blank Slate for Flavor, Wins Converts


Beautiful Mess thumbnail

Beautiful Mess

Holiday Gift Guide



November 2013

American Express

American Express Tumblr

Shawn’s passion is chocolate






September 2013

Style thumbnail Minogue

Spread the Word: A Decadent New Chocolate Fix


March 2013 thumbnail

NY Times

Catching Up with Chocolatier Shawn Askinosie



February 2013


White Magic


bon appetit thumbnail

bon appetit

The 14 Best Chocolates in America


Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Makers Dare To Bare How It’s Done


July 2012

The Huffington Post thumbnail

Huffington Post

Food Informants Shawn Askinosie


July 2011

O, the Oprah Magazine thumbnail

O, the Oprah Magazine

Meet 15 Guys Who Are Saving the World





February 2011

O, the Oprah Magazine thumbnail

O, the Oprah Magazine

A Lesson in Chocolate (and Good Will)



September 2010

David Leibovitz blog thumbnail

david leibovitz blog

American Chocolate Hazelnut Paste



Bon Apetit thumbnail

Bon Appetit

Named among America’s Best Chocolate



Southern Living thumbnail

Southern Living

The South’s Best Chocolate