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Kyle Malone

Production Manager and Lead Chocolate Maker

It doesn’t always work out for a son-in-law (from a different daughter) to go into business with his wife’s father, but in this case, the Askinosie team couldn’t be happier about it. Kyle oversees the chocolate production process, which means he schedules our production calendar, troubleshoots chocolate problems, and does everything from repair faulty machinery to conjur up new ways to make the system even better. If something in the factory is out of sorts, he works way too late and gets up way too early to make sure it’s back in business to keep production going. Kyle is the proverbial jack-of-all-trades, and on any given day he can be found tweaking the factory’s electrical system, fixing a plumbing issue or being an extra set of hands on the production line. He is continually developing his chocolate making prowess and palate and always works to improve the products we make. He is integral to every new product we come up with and is also pretty witty for a weight-lifter: he came up with the name Hey, Hey Hazelnut!